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Trunkshows: What are They and Why Should I Book a Bridal Appointment During a Trunkshow?

"Is a trunkshow where you sell wedding dresses out of the trunk of your car?" Believe it or not we have been asked this question before and I am happy to tell you that the answer is no. A trunkshow is another name for a "collection of dresses". The designer who is hosting the show will send us a shipment the week of that includes the featured dresses. These dresses are usually a part of their newest collection not yet available in stores. You the bride get to say yes to a dress that I am not even able to have in my store yet as a retailer. How cool is that? I am usually seeing the dresses for the first time as well. Each trunkshow is unique in what it offers and it depends on the designer who is hosting the show. We have hosted four trunkshows so far and 2 of those were size inclusive meaning they were specifically designed with the curvy bride in mind. The size inclusive show featured Allure's newest collection exclusively in sizes 18-30. This allowed our plus size brides the chance to try on dresses they otherwise may not have the chance to any other time. That is one of the many reasons why we love to host a trunkshow. A trunkshow gives you the bride way more options that you otherwise may not have access to.

We are very excited about our next trunkshow we are hosting on Halloween weekend. The next trunkshow dates are October the 30th-November the 1st.The show features brand sparkling new 2021 styles by Eddy K. These dresses are not yet available in retail stores and I have not even seen these dresses in person yet. We have been sent images of the dresses and it is honestly the most versatile collection to date. There is something for every type of bride. The collection features dresses with clean simple lines, romantic lace patterns, and detailed chapel length trains. All Eddy K styles will be 10 percent off during the show as well. This trunkshow will be a little different than our past shows because it will be Halloween themed. We are going to have pumpkin treats, Halloween cookies, and mimosas! We are going to be dressed accordingly and we encourage any of our trunkshow guests to do the same!

Epic Eddy K Halloween Trunkshow: Friday October 30th-Sunday November 1st.

To Book:


Phone: 601.529.7001

Appointments may also be scheduled via our website.

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