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When Should I Start Shopping for my Wedding Dress?

This is probably the most asked question in our industry. The reason being is because it is not a question a bride thinks to ask until she is engaged. We wanted to give our engaged followers who have yet to find a dress some advice as far as the timeline to order your dress goes.  If you are getting married November 2020-April 2021 now is definitely your prime dress shopping time. Dresses are made to order to your custom measurements so they can take anywhere from 4-6 months to come in. Our current ship dates are showing dresses ordered now are arriving mid September/beginning of October. If you are getting married between now and October 2020, and do not have a dress yet, do not fear! We have options for all our brides, including you. We carry designers such as Allure Bridals with hanging stock which means these dresses are ready to ship in certain styles and sizes. Just let us know that you are a bride with a short timeline and we will look and see which of our stock styles are available prior to your appointment. We also have samples in the store that can be bought off the rack that you can take with you that day.  We understand that every bride is different and that not all timelines are the same. If you are able, try to start dress shopping at least 8 months prior to your big day. This will allow you the ability to choose from the shops full stock without being limited due to shipping dates and always account at least one to two months for alterations. We cannot wait to schedule your appointment and help you find your dream dress. And we know that no matter when your wedding is and what dress you choose, it will be perfect.  Sincerely, Lacey Watson 601.529.7001

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