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“Why did you choose the name Bridal Studio 61?

We have been asked this many times over the last few months since we have opened, so we decided we would write our first blog post to answer that question.

As you may know, the road that our store is on is called Washington Street. At one time, US 61 ran through downtown Vicksburg along Washington Street, but the bypass was built in the 1970s to let heavy truck traffic avoid driving through downtown. So our store is located on what is considered Old Highway 61.

Downtown Vicksburg as depicted in a mural on the flood wall

Photo of Washington Street taken in 1915

When we were deciding what to name the store, we decided to pay homage to the history of Downtown Vicksburg and Highway 61 by using 61 in our name and by using the shape of a highway sign in our logo.

We hope that answers your question, Ya’ll!

Please let us know if you have anymore questions and please call to make an appointment to come see us soon.


Your Friends at Bridal Studio 61

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