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Covid Can't Stop Love

Never in my wildest daydreams as a small business owner did I ever think that I would have to fit a pandemic into my business plan. I am very grateful to be in an industry that rises to the occasion when things get hard. Thankfully, we have not faced any serious issues like a bride's dress not coming in on time or the inability to place an order. Business has been able to continue as normal in every aspect possible except for the fact our doors have been closed to the public. I love what I do and it has been devastating to not be able to keep doing what I love. We will be back in just a week though and I cannot wait to meet all of our new brides and to see past brides again to pick up their dress. Even through all of the business closures and canceled events, I have seen so much good come from this. I have seen neighbors extend a helping hand and communities rise up to help the elderly, graduating seniors, and young children. Businesses such as Dollar General and Kroger limiting their first hour to senior citizens or those at a higher risk just shows that we are all in this together. Even local businesses like Gumbo Pot and Fit Chef Catering have been doing what they can to provide meals to healthcare workers. It just goes to show you that Covid-19 can't stop love. My heart goes out to any and all brides who have had to postpone or change their wedding date. This is suppose to be a time full of joy and not uncertainty. Please reach out to us if we can help in any way. We will all get through this time together. Your wedding will go on and it will be beautiful and perfect in every way. I just ask that when life does go back to "normal" that we remember to stop and appreciate what we have and be reminded how easily things can be taken away. Chase your dreams, fall in love, and do what truly makes you happy. We love each and every single one of you. Happy Quarantine!

With Love,

Lacey Watson,

Bridal Studio 61

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